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Audrey Soussan


Audrey Soussan is a General Partner at Ventech in its Paris office and has joined the company since 2011. As an experienced investor, Audrey has a long, successful history of investing in startups in product lead growth, retail tech, HR tech, and marketplaces, which has given her unique insights on entrepreneurs’ business development, impact

investing, and women in tech.

Audrey originally started as an analyst at Ventech and is now a general partner. Throughout her time as an investor, she has steadfastly championed women in tech, and in 2011, founded Girls in Tech Paris. In 2020, Audrey founded Ventech’s impact arm, Afi Ventures, together with Ventech partners Aviva and LaRuche. Afi Ventures is dedicated to empowering pre-seed and seed stage companies tackling both environmental & climate urgencies, and is one of Europe’s first “innovation for good” seed funds, reconciling ambition for impact with financial performance.

Audrey serves on the board of France Digitale, which aims to encourage European talent mobility and diversity in startups, and improve the quality of exits. Prior to joining Ventech, Audrey was a VC at DN Capital in London. She holds degrees from Université Paris Dauphine and ESSEC and is bilingual in French and English.

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