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Marta Gaia Zanchi

Managing Partner

Marta-Gaia Zanchi is the founding managing partner of specialized health tech investment firm Nina Capital. Nina Capital is a venture capital firm based in Europe and investing internationally across the old continent, North America, and Israel. The firm invests at the preseed and seed stage exclusively in startups at the intersection of healthcare and technology, with a focus on digital, information, and deep tech. 

Previously, she was a member of the faculty at Stanford University, director at Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, equity partner at DCVC, consultant/advisor to numerous health techs, and chief executive officer to one. Marta-Gaia holds a PhD from Stanford University and MS/BS from Politecnico di Milano, all in engineering, during which she developed medical systems. In any and all her endeavors, Marta-Gaia is an advocate for responsible and collaborative health technology innovation grounded on the understanding of true needs.

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