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Tanya Horowitz


Tanya Horowitz has over 25+ years of financial services experience with 12+ years dedicated to M&A and 9+ years dedicated as a venture investor.  She started her VC journey in NYC in 2013 by co-founding her first VC fund, Capital A Partners (CapA), which today is in the top decile globally in fund performance.  

Moving to Stockholm in 2013, CapA was invested not only in the US, but also the Nordics. She joined Butterfly Ventures as a partner in 2016 to raise Butterfly Ventures Fund III and expand the fund’s geography from Finland to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.  Today, Butterfly is the leading Seed Entry Deep Tech Impact Focused VC investing in the Nordics and Baltics and the Most Active Nordic VC in 2020 according to Sifted. The Butterfly team has invested in over 84+ companies, 240+ investment rounds, many of which are helping to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Butterfly is currently raising €100M Butterfly Ventures Fund IV.

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