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Spherics, based in Bristol, UK, has built and owns a software platform that quickly and clearly measures an organisation's carbon emissions, including those of its suppliers, using analysis of existing data held in the client organisation’s accounting software.

Using this method provides highly reliable data streams, minimises the need for consultancy teams and allows more resource to be focused on managing and mitigating emissions. With Spherics, organisations can meet science-based emissions targets more effectively by integrating them into day-to-day business processes.

Spherics launched in 2020 and was awarded grant funding through Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund in 2020, the same year Spherics was recognised as the best in early-stage UK-based climate tech business winning Tech Nation’s ”Net Zero” award. Committed to advancing the interests of shareholders, alongside the wider need of society and the environment, it became B Corp Certified in 2022 and is a signatory of the Better Business Act.

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