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Producing better, healthier and tastier protein, sustainably using the power of microorganisms

Developing optical phenotyping technology and analytics to optimise food production

Dairy-free cheese and dry-aged vegetables, made with naturally plant-based ingredients

Mints, verifies and sells carbon credits generated by farmers

builds Internet of Beer by its AI and Robotics technology to minimize waste, maximize beer quality.



Meet The Europas 2022 Winners

Congratulations to all our 2022 winners! 

Protects the onboarding and transaction monitoring systems of financial services from manipulation and attack

An Oxford spin-out that uses AI to write code, starting with Java test suites that identify errors earlier and faster in a DevOps pipeline

SaaS platform that offers developers a suite of APIs for Natural Language Processing that you can use without any machine mearning knowledge or experience

 The next gen Hospitality OS: We help operators control costs through AI-powered decision making. 

Translates videos using AI by generating voices that sound like the original speaker

Applies cutting-edge deep learning to help organisations make sense of their customer experience


Software that helps retailers track and cut carbon in real time

Delivers climate risk-related ratings and asset level financial impacts for extreme weather events linked to climate change

Developing technology to decarbonise concrete, by storing CO2 into concrete, making it cheaper, stronger and greener

A tokenisation platform that enables planetary resources to generate profit by selling them as digital tokens, rather than raw materials.

Procurement tool for carbon accounting, enabling enterprises and their supply chain partners to reach net-zero emissions

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world by designing and building carbon neutral buildings


Building the all-in-one benefits platform for global teams 

Automated advertising platform helping small businesses create successful advertising campaigns

Fintech platform that expands access to alternative investments and private market strategies

Load testing solution for web applications

Building intelligent tools that protect users from identity fraud while enabling a seamless identity experience

An AI-powered enterprise insights platform that allows employees at Fortune 2000 organizations to quickly store, discover, share and integrate consumer insights, no matter where they are in the world

Pre-employment screening startup that provides an automated solution to help companies verify employee credentials

 A collaborative manufacturing platform where a community of engineers, designers and enterprises can come together to manufacture hardware products

Communication platform that unifies access to the people, processes, communications and applications that frontline workers need, all in one app


Leveraging quantum information, complex systems, and computational physics to develop algorithms to develop new and effective drugs, solve problems in life sciences, and discover new materials

Develops transistors designed to bring widespread adoption of GaN technology in consumer electronics

Merging generative and predictive deep neural networks with automated, wet lab infrastructure that will result in differentiated chemical matter to treat incurable diseases

Browser-based development platform that makes it trivial to deploy, efficient to collaborate, and easy to scale

SPREAD is an engineering intelligence startup with the mission to help automotive & machinery manufacturers create more innovative and sustainable products more efficiently

Will monitor the temperature of every building on the planet in near-real time to determine valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and carbon footprint  

Stellar constellation of satellites is a distributed super-computer and connects cars and vehicles, everywhere on Earth”

Providing “Quantum as a Service” in quantum software, quantum computing and quantum security


Online fraud prevention platform that detects and stops fraud in real time through transactional data analysis

Developed the first cloud-native security platform that reduces identity and access risks across single and multi-cloud infrastructures

Provides holistic security insights from a hacker’s perspective

Develops a platform that measures and improves cybersecurity skills among businesses

Developing digital forensic tools for enterprises that help in understanding the full extent of a cyber breach

A messaging platform that provides a secure messaging service focused on business settings


Online school for remote software developers that connects students worldwide in small distributed teams to enhance learning

Offers online live language classes with qualified, native-speaking teachers

A platform that helps users feel motivated, learn and do more and make self-growth a sustainable habit

Provides technologically advanced 1-on-1 music teaching services


Frontend website technology used to create fast, modern and high-performing online storefronts at the fraction of the cost and time.

Online grocery delivery service that pre-empts demand to ensure you never run out of essentials

Mirta is a SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace that is changing the way high-end fashion brands and independent retailers sell and buy wholesale

Building a disruptive home decor brand helping people transform their home with ease and a smile

A technology platform striving for the most convenient and sustainable delivery experience in e-commerce

Develops immersive virtual stores and galleries for the fashion, retail and art sectors, boosting sales, customer engagement and brand perception

Technology-driven commerce company that acquires and operates top Amazon third-party and other D2C eCommerce brands at scale


Intergiro is a financial toolkit made for innovators building the digital economy that bundles card processing, card issuing and banking tools into a single API that can be used in B2B and B2B2C contexts

Provides a personal finance coach that manages your entire financial life - with personalized guidance and automation

By using Open Banking technology and expertise Keebo is able to provide safe, affordable credit along with the insights and guidance that help our customers spend responsibly, avoid bad debt and build their credit

Offers B2B marketplaces and merchants a flexible payment method with net terms, all without the financial and operational headaches often associated with the process

Monite built a one-stop shop for SME finance that enabled businesses to do multibanking, invoicing, AP automation, and expense management in one place

Enables and reward a community of users managing their money for good; connecting their collective spending power to a growing ecosystem of people, brands and projects building a better world

Provides services for financial and non-financial organizations with customizable digital bank-grade solutions in the marketplace

A circular economy-oriented fintech company, Twig enables consumers to receive instant payments for their things

Vyne is an innovative, full stack account-to-account payment solution that enables merchants to take rapid and secure payments, giving consumers a more convenient way to pay.

Provides an open publicly accessible cloud-based platform that connects payment networks and financial providers, and tools for innovators to define, deploy and consume digital payment flows


Offsets company Co2 emissions, plants climate-stable mixed trees in Germany and implements a software for the decarbonization of companies working together with the employees.


Plants trees and funds the world's best climate crisis solutions


empowers NGOs and philanthropic actors to reach more people with increased efficiency and transparency

Helping companies deliver fair and consistent interview processes so hiring decisions can be made without bias.


Develops accessible digital health products and athleisure for all ages and backgrounds, especially focusing on long-term changes and healthy habits

With a touch of the finger, the Biospectal OptiBP™ platform allows anyone to transform mobile devices into a medical grade blood pressure monitoring solution

Cloud-based AI technology, that provides accurate, reliable & easy to use ECG analysis.

Accurate non-invasive glucose monitoring to enhance the quality of life for +450m people living with Diabetes based on a patented photothermal technology platform

HarperCare aims to discover and solve the unmet mental health needs of patients, companies and governments through deep science and technology, helping to improve human lifespan

Biotech startup that builds a hormone-based mini lab for women with a mission to make natural contraception convenient and accurate

eQuoo, built by PscyApps, is the evidence-based mental health game for young adults that has built the resilience and lowered anxiety and depression for over 500 000 players globally

Accelerates personalised medicine research by putting participants at the heart of the research experience, and making science accessible by providing easy at-home genetic testing, educational materials, and a privacy-first approach

Behavioural health app that helps employees better self-regulate their emotions to increase performance and well-being at work

A surgical intelligence platform that combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to improve surgeon performance


Europe’s only pure play deeptech accelerator VC fund

A 3-month accelerator for early-stage startups striving to advance the future of sustainable aerospace

International accelerator which specialises in AI-based startups

Supports entrepreneurial and innovative teams in the field of energy, smart city, ehealth, and cross-sectional technologies that want to grow sustainably and successfully
scale their business model

10-week cohort-based online programme helps companies focus on impact, and execute and learn faster

Through a 5-month long hybrid, mentor-driven program, in four verticals, B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber, Sustainability, and XR, the accelerator is primarily
focused on sales and scaling with a fundraising component to help teams reach a position to raise the next funding round within 6 months.


Condense is the world’s first company to stream live 3D video into the metaverse

An EMI-regulated, Fiat-as-a-Service platform that aggregates local fiat rails for crypto p